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Howdy! I’m Matt and 58 Creative is my design business. I began my career in tech but found that my passion is really for design. I went back to school and earned my B.A. in graphic design from St. Edward’s University. Because of my tech experience I fell pretty naturally into the burgeoning user experience field. Over the years I’ve worked in a bunch of fields including finance, real estate, HR, and not-for-profits. Today I lead the UX design team for a company that makes software for hospitals and medical clinics.

Although I spend most days drawing boxes and arrows, I still love graphic design and especially enjoy book and collateral layout and design, infographics and environmental graphic design (signs, maps, that sort of thing). I’ve long been interested in sequential art and motion design and am working on expanding my skill set into those areas as well. And like many design folks, I take pictures in my spare time.

You may be wondering why I use “we” a lot on the site. While I do most of the project work myself, I also have a few folks who jump in and help out when needed on certain things. Everyone I work with is a well-established expert in their field and I review everything to make sure it’s top-quality for my clients.

If you’re interested in my full history you can check out my LinkedIn profile. And if you need help with a design project or just what to chat hit my contact form. I’m always happy to hear from designers and non-designers alike.

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